Job description

Location(s): Manhattan, NY

Fulfil accounting duties in a payroll office setting.


  • Entering negative one-time deductions in the Payroll Information (Pi) for net pay, IRA, Treasury Direct and College Savings credit returns
  • Checking the Report Management and Distribution System (RMDS) Accepted One-Time Deduction Transactions report to ensure the accuracy of transactions
  • Distributing the Deduction Totals – Escrows Checks report by printing and emailing it to the respective entities
  • Authorizing and certifying agencies’ payrolls by validating their Summary of Payroll against the Journal Voucher Worksheet Totals report, completing and signing appropriate paperwork and releasing payrolls within prescribed deadlines
  • Performing miscellaneous tasks as instructed by the supervisor

What you need to have

  • Strong knowledge and understanding of general accounting software and office tools, such as Peachtree, QuickBooks, Excel or equivalents required
Prior experience & qualifications
  • Minimum 5 years of related experience or equivalent college credits required
This opportunity requires fluency in English