Job description

Locations: Various NYC boroughs & Long Island

Hours: Full-time & Part-time shifts

Job Description:

  • Help the people we support to have meaningful lives
  • Listen to their dreams and help them learn skills to live the lives they choose
  • Help each individual to tell us what is important to them and important for them
  • Involve them in activities that match their interests, gifts and plans
  • Help individuals we support learn how to form and continue positive relationships with people in their community
  • Get to know the individual by listening to him or her. Read the record and share your observations with other members of the team
  • Respect the rights of the people we support and teach them to speak up for themselves
  • Use the person-centered philosophy throughout the day. Use each moment as a teachable moment
  • Do not share information about the people we support with anyone other than members of the team
  • Show a positive attitude toward work and others
  • Protect the health of the people you support. This may include giving medication, following doctor’s orders, going on medical appointments and/or seeking emergency medical care when necessary
  • Join with other team members in the development of the service plan and carry out all parts for which you are responsible
  • Protect the safety of the people you support by providing the level of supervision described in the person’s service plan and by reporting to your supervisor any potentially dangerous situations
  • Communicate important information to your supervisor and other members of the team
  • Record all information required for the job duties in an accurate and timely fashion
  • Follow all agency procedures regarding incident reporting and reporting possible abuse
  • Cooperate during investigations and inspections
  • Be polite and professional when talking to all others
  • Follow all agency policies, procedures and rules of conduct
  • Attend and participate in all scheduled trainings and meetings as requested by supervisor
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned by your supervisor(s)

What you need to have

  • Valid Driver’s License or Permit strongly preferred
  • This position could require lifting, travel and prolonged standing/walking
Prior experience & qualifications
  • Background working with individuals with disabilities strongly preferred
  • 1 or more years of Direct Support professional experience strongly preferred


  • Staff Exclusion List (SEL) – this is a pre-employment check to confirm eligibility to work with special need individuals
  • MHL – OPWDD abuse/neglect check
  • OPWDD Fingerprinting – criminal background check
  • State Central Registry (SCR) – requires a full 28 years of residential history – includes reports of child abuse/neglect in NYS
  • TB/PPD Test – Purified Protein Derivative (PPD) skin test for Tuberculosis o Free TB/PPD testing can be done at: ? NYC Health & Hospitals ( near them OR ? NYC Care Center - (646) NYC-Care {646-692-2273} -
  • COVID-19 vaccination proof or accommodation approval
This opportunity requires fluency in English