All Part Of The Interview

Everything you do or say from the time you step foot in the company's door is part of your job interview.

If you're having a bad day, the best thing to do is leave it behind and enter smiling. Being rude or cold to someone you think is "just a secretary" can cost you the job before you answer a single interview question. Assume the boss is watching and asking everyone for their opinions about you -- after all, you'll be their new coworker too. Here are a few tips for creating a good first impression on interview day:

Dress to Impress

Be dressed to impress before you enter the door. This includes having on your good shoes already, if you have different shoes you wear for commuting.


Smile and be polite to the doorman. Smile and be polite to the receptionist. Smile and be polite to everyone you see.

Remember your manners

If the company takes you out for coffee, be polite and tip the barista. If they take you out for a meal, be polite to the waiter (the company will probably cover the meal and tip).

No one wants to work with a rude or angry person. Bosses know you'll be showing them your best face, so it's common for bosses to watch how you interact with your peers and people you'd outrank. Assume everything you do on interview day is all a part of the interview, and you can count on leaving everyone with a good first impression. If you seem like someone the other employees would like to work with, they might even push the boss to give you the job.

Carissa Doshi is a business writer and the president of Gen Y Media Group. She gives career advice and blogs about her experiences on You can also follow @CarissaDoshi on Twitter.

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