Herwinder A.

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  • Herwinder A.


    My life changed the day I signed up for GoodTemps. I was greeted with so much respect and I was given the test right on the spot. The things I thought I did not know kept coming back as I sat for the test and more things as I did the test second time for Excel. I was escorted right after my test for my interview with you and they way you made me feel and it gave me so much comfort as you went over my resume and changed my life once in for all.

    I always knew I was very special but GoodTemps made me believe it too!! I was told my experience and my education is worth lot more than other people made me believe but I never knew God can really use me for his Work. Build It Back is a program for Sandy victims who have lost their homes and we build it back, we give them hope whose hope has been taken away by Sandy. We build families, we give hope and by the end of night no matter how far my commute is and how hard my day has been; it feels good that I have given back to a world who has given me my dreams back. I can pay my bills and can live with my head high. It just feels so good to contribute part of me to build it back.

    Many thanks for standing beside me all the time. You are GoodTemps for sure!!

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